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THE CHAH - created by London born Chanelle Aristide, forms the persona and brand that encompasses her solo and collaborative music projects.

Chanelle writes from the heart and passion of life experience, to write music that will inspire and conquer fears in this ever changing world. Music influences have been broad and varied in Chanelle’s own turbulent journey in life and it was the music from artists that gave her strength and outlet for emotion to get through the hard times.
Chanelle formed THE CHAH as a brand for the musician community and music that reflects a message society could consider has transformative uplifting influence. For positive outlook and love for yourself, others and our environment.

THE CHAH embraces the experience of Musician and Producer Roger Betts, his impeccable understanding of the true essence of music and production has awakened the exciting and reflective music journey; and so the long awaited album is under way… Find out more about Roger in the Community page.

THE CHAH performs at various venues around London and the UK and for online subscribers who want to Join THE CHAH you will get EXCLUSIVE access to online streaming platform to live acoustic performances of new songs prior to release.

Whether you have the pleasure of hearing the songs performed acoustically, with a backing band or produced. It remains the same that The Chah with its performer quality and vocal capabilities that excel in live performance and captivate you with the passionate energy.  The alluring melodies and lyrics raise emotion, positive thinking and throw society’s tricky questions right at you, through pop, soul and a fusion of influencing music and genres.

"Conquer your fears in this ever changing world"

"Sweet Soulstress voice’s with a foundation of quality pop/rock with chart potential"
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