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Music is my passion.

As a songwriter and musician, I love to watch the seeds of a song grow from a simple riff or scribble into a fully finished production that people can listen to and enjoy. It's wonderful to realise that your song is unique and has been created from nothing.
The development of a song requires many stages of production and these steps are different every time. Would it sound better if I place some horns here or perhaps even an accordian? Would it impact better if we had power chords from a distorted guitar at the start or shall we use a gentle acoustic phrase?

There are really no rules, it all comes from the soul.

I particularily love the sound of the female voice. The tone will vary from singer to singer and its inherent higher register can make a song quite beautiful. The voice is, in my opinion, the most lovely and versatile instrument.

I love to involve talented musicians and singers on all my projects and will never tire of it - ever!

Roger Betts 2020